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Company History


2013, export sales volume over 4.8 million USD.


. 2014, export sales volume over 6.0 million USD.

. In May, 2014, first time at CeMat International Logistics Exhibition, Hanover, Germany, under the brand name “Liftstar” 

. Nine square meters stand achieved success with visit from over 50 foreign agents.


. In July, 2015, we officially launched a new series of economic electric pallet trucks, electric stacker, which soon gained market recognition.

. October, 2015, we officially launched order picker LB30, and the best 5-ton manual truck AC50.

. 2015, export sales volume over 7.0 million USD.


. In January 2016, our sales of electric stacker ranks No.1 in a strong industry country.

. In March 2016, the Staxx headquarter employee exceeded 40 members, and the company relocated to a new working site with 1,400 square meters exhibition hall and 1400 square meters warehouse. A new stage of development took form.

. In June, 2016, Staxx participated in the CeMat International Logistics Exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

. In October 2016, the first-generation PPT15 semi-electric pallet truck was officially launched, which pioneered of the sales of lithium battery economic pallet trucks.

. 2016, export sales volume over 9.25 million USD.


.In January 2017, domestic sales department was established.

.In April 2017, Staxx participated in the Spring Canton Fair.

.In May 2017, Staxx acquired the forklift parts company and set up Staxx Forklift Parts Co.,Ltd, to professionally design, assemble, and produce core parts for electric warehouse equipment.

.In June 2017, Staxx invested in the establishment of a new factory - Yuyao Staxx Material Material Handling Equipment Co., Ltd.

.In July 2017, the first PPT15-2 unit was produced in Yuyao Staxx.

.In October 2017, Staxx participated in the autumn Canton Fair.

.2017, export sales volume over 18 million USD, domestic sales volume over 20 million RMB.

Established business partnership with over 300 domestic and foreign agents.


. In March 2018, Staxx-Spears project was officially launched in India, producing hand pallet trucks for EU market.

. In April 2018, STAXX exhibited at CeMat Hannover with booth size 200 square meters to promote the second-generation of lithium pallet trucks PPT15-2.

. In July 2018, STAXX renovated the assembly line of lithium pallet truck drive unit.

. In August 2018, STAXX started trial production of new series of EPT15H PPT18H with brushless motor, being the first one to apply brushless technology in similar line of product at that time.

. In August 2018, STAXX R&D department officially put fully automatic testing line into use

. In October 2018, STAXX officially started mass production of H series electric pallet truck.

. In October 2018, STAXX exhibited at Canton Fair, bringing H series electric pallet truck.

. In October 2018, the production of first unit of Staxx Spears hand pallet truck made in India was completed.

. 2018, export sales volume over 25 million USD


. In February 2019, STAXX factory put into use self-designed pre delivery inspection equipment, automatic charging equipment, and pre-installed parts inspection equipment.

. In February 2019, STAXX exhibited at Logimat Stuttgart , launching latest self-diagnostic handle. This handle provides users with real-time vehicle information and displays diagnostic details for instant trouble shooting, which greatly saves after-sales service costs and time.

. In March 2019, STAXX sales team spent one month visiting business partners all over EU countries

. In April 2019, the Indian joint venture factory began to deliver batch orders

. In April 2019, STAXX exhibited at Logimat Shanghai.

. In April 2019, STAXX exhibited at Canton Fair.

. In August 2019, STAXX put into use the automatic robot welding equipment for H series chassis, using robot welding for all parts without manual work.

. In October 2019, STAXX moved factory to a new site, with a yearly output capability of 40,000 units/year

. In October 2019, sales of H series products exceeded 1,000 units per month and domestic sales exceeded 500 units.

. In October 2019, STAXX exhibited at Canton Fair.

. 2019, export sales volume over 30 million USD


. In January 2020, STAXX launched remote control system for H series products.

. In March 2020, in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, STAXX provided free masks and other protective materials to global business partners.

. In May 2020, STAXX reached a cooperation agreement with one of the world's top ten forklift groups to jointly promote light duty electric warehouse equipment to the market.

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