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 New EU Anti-dumping Regulation

Are you still buying slightly modified weighing hand pallet trucks from …

 Payless Series of One Stop Range

Pay Less Series = low price & lowquality ?

Absolutely Not …

 Customized series of One Stop Range

Staxx expert design team has rich experience designing …

 Narrow-Aisle series of One Stop Range

To meet customers’ demand of narrow

aisle application, Staxx …

 Anti-Rust Series of One Stop Range

Staxx is committed to the research development and production of …

 Volume Series of One Stop Range

To meet customers’ demand of narrowaisle application,   …

What we do

A friendly Alliance with everybody.

At CNMHE, we let importer’s work easier to select products with good quality and competitive price.We improve factories products QC, service and increase their product range to increase commercial value!

We collect market needs information from platform and transform to China-made product to satisfy customer needs .

Why cnmhe

Thanks our professional team years’ experience, we know the Chinese MHE industry in depth.
Alliance investigate and survey every factory member and their products, ensure their ability means they are experienced producer and offering reliable products.
We only supervise and focus on factories’ superior product! 

Enjoy CNMHE service: 
Thanks Alliance and all members, when you purchase 1 million, you get the best unit price and service equaling purchasing 10 million. No more communication with each manufacturer. CNMHE help you save time, energy and money. Provide the dealers with best quality products and exclusive agency is optional. 

Our approach

We care for the communication with importers and factory, never stop thinking,

innovating with new ideas and new products every day, this is our strong values.

We are much more than a sourcing company, we are CNMHE.

Our products

Hand pallet truck
Can satisfy the needs of price with similar level quality as Chinese HPT. We supply three series hand pallet truck with all...

Manual and semi electric stacker
You fix Hand pallet truck and manual stacker by one shipment? CNMHE’s A series Manual and semi-electric stackers ...

Economic full electric warehousing equipment Same as Hand pallet truck, There is no doubt that China is producing most economic full electric...

Traditional warehousing equipment Main feature: Stable quality. No need worry about the components like electronic parts, driving system...

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